Hutan Kayu Tragedy

A bomb  has exploded in Radio 68H News Agency, in the way of Utan Kayu, East Jakarta, on Tuesday afternoon. The bomb was a package that also contains a book. This statement on Twitter KBR68H. "When the police tried to defuse the package, the book exploded, a policeman wounded in the arm,"the twit KBR68H. The blast occurred about 20 minutes ago. Originally the book was a suspicious package arrived at the Hutan Kayu Community, on Tuesday afternoon. Because suspicious, KBR68H directly contact the police to check the package. Police then set up police lines near the book package which turned out to contain wires, clocks, and batteries.

A suspected package bomb sent to the Utan Kayu Community. The package was addressed to Ulil Abshar Abdalla of the Liberal Islam Network founder, JIL.

The package arrived at 10 am at the reception, and new staff in the JIL opened at 13 pm. Pack Lunches are brown envelope containing a book and a letter. When it opened, in the book have cable, clock and batteries. The discovery was immediately reported to the security guard, who forwarded the report to local police. Book now still be placed on the table, near the Theatre Utan Kayu.

Here areare the contents of the letter in the packet :
To: Ulil Absar Abdhala
Subject: Request to provide the foreword the book and interview
Annex: 1 (one) bundle books
Along with this I, the undersigned below:
Name: Drs. Azhar Sulaiman, Lc
Address: Jl Happy Gg Panzer No. 29 Bogor Telp Ciomas 0813 3222 0579
Occupation: Writer
Currently in process of writing a book that urgency very closely with the active role of the father, the father of institutions that are leading. The author intends to file a petition would willingly give an introduction in my book.

The title of the book: Mereka harus dibunuh karena dosa-dosa mereka terhadap Islam dan Muslim
Theme: Rows of names and the sins of Indonesian leaders that deserve at suicide

Video of Bomb in Hutan Kayu