Happy Birthday Mom..

The Best Inspiration
For My Be♥ ed MOMMY,
You are the soul of Life, the Spirirt of Heaven, the Breath of ♥, & amp; the truth of Light. You color a most precious rainbow with the Beauty of your Heart&soul, making Life more Beautiful, You are to be respected, cherished & adored truthfully & amp; ♥ ed unconditionally. Keep on Shining the Beauty of Your Heart, a most Beautiful ♥'s Glow...

Then today is your BIRTHDAY now Mom...and i wanna say...
~HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mommy~...!! \(^o^)/

Your be♥ ed Son,
Kurnia Rahman Agus♥//

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Kurnia Rahman Agus - Programmer lepas yang mengisi hari-harinya dengan memberikan ilmu kepada siswa-siswi di salah satu SMK di Pekanbaru. Beliau aktif di beberapa komunitas seperti Blogger Bertuah dan Baleno Club Riau.


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