Pemrograman berbasis objek (Java)

Array (*bukan tokoh di Sang pemimpi ^_^)

 Array adalah suatu kumpulan data pada suatu variabel. Cara mendeklarasikan array adalah sebagai berikut:
    type_array nama_array[];
example :
  • int []ages; 
  • int ages[];
After declaring, we must create the array and specify its length with a constructor statement.  
– Instantiation
  •  In Java, this means creation
– Constructor
  •  In order to instantiate an object, we need to use a constructor for this. A
constructor is a method that is called to create a certain object.
  •  We will cover more about instantiating objects and constructors later. 

Array Instantiation
  •  To instantiate (or create) an array, write the new keyword,
followed by the square brackets containing the number of
elements you want the array to have.
  •  For example,
 int ages[]; 
//instantiate object
ages = new int[100];
or, can also be written as,
//declare and instantiate object
int ages[] = new int[100];

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